Smart Select - 1.4.4 This update fixes the install issue and select mouse problems

* Remove addon (Don’t save user preferences)

  • Install addon,
    * Restart Blender
Here are the latest features added: Paint selection tool + bugfixes.

You can get it here:

Smart Select 1.3.2 - Paint Select tool + bug fixes. -
works with all versions of Blender now.



  • NEW! Paint Select tool
  • Fill selections
  • Delimit function + extra select function.
  • works both in face, edge and vertex mode.
  • The value of the angle will be display in text on the screen for clear graphical
    feedback. There is also a lot of options where you can change color,size,placement etc.
  • Users can now press down Ctrl and scroll with mouse wheel to change the angle.
    (Keyboard shortcuts can be changed in the settings)


1. Face/vert/edge count for current selection.
. quick settings for changing color of selections.
3. Saving selection and access them really fast and simple.
. Preselection will show you how the selection will be once you press the alt button. This will make it easier to predict the selection.


It’s probably worth taking a look at the old PreSel add-on. It already treaded nearly all of the ground necessary to get nice preselection highlights with bgl.

yes I think it’s worth check the old Presel would be nice if it implement all the feature it has

Thanks for the feedback guys, From what i understand it actually looks like we will be able to implement this. The video you both are talking about is one of the sources we used as well. I really feel like this is the best way to go, i wan’t to make sure that this script does not feel like “cake on cake” if you know what i mean and feel really natural.

By the way if any of you are using alt+left click as you default rotation, be sure that you dont use that shortcut in this addon because that will make Blender deactivate that shortcuts while you are in edit mode. If anyone gets a problem with this its super easy to fix.

Bought it, this is really nice !
As usual :wink:

Ideas for improvement !

I experienced some crash when selecting normal loops.

Full crash so no console, sorry.

Great ideas as always! I will look into that. I have actually encounter one crash but that was on a really early version. Let me know if this happens again, and under a certain type of situation. Thanks for the feedback. Just a question, did you get my gumroad mail?

No mail no.

A friend had the same crash.
For me it’s when I select a loop.

It’s sudden so hard to tell.

hmm this is some serious issue for sure, will look into it! What version of blender are you and your friend using? Is it in any specific scene the crash is hapening or just any scene at all?

Loved smartfill, and love this too - bought! Simple but timesaving, for sure :slight_smile:

Really glad you liked it! It will get a lot better for sure aswell, it’s an addon that has a lot of room for improvement as well. We are already on them so a whole bunch of them will come soon, stay tuned for more goodies, and let me know if you find any bugs!

Just bought it, it’s a lifesaver!
I’m getting used to your little “jewels” :smiley:

Thanks man!

Trust me it will get a lot better, i hope we get the selection preview up and running soon, it will make a huge difference i think. I also have a lot of other cool ideas i wan’t to try. Let me know if you get any issues!

@jimpaw80 amazing work! Kudos.

Thanks! More to come!

bought it thanks I like your Addons great work

Thanks! That means a lot, next update will be a lot better!

Hey man thanks for taking the time to make things that are tedious better. It just make people want to use Blender more.

Thanks man! I am actually one of those persons so i know exactly what you mean, thanks for the feedback and let me know if you get any problems with the addon!