Smart Select - 1.4.4 This update fixes the install issue and select mouse problems

When I set Ctrl or Ctrl&Shift as Change Angle Hotkey,I press the hotkey then it looks like the blender default hotkey block the smart select hotkey

Running, Win8.1 Blender 2.79 stable. I get this error when I try to activate 1.4.4 after installing from zip!


1.4.4 is only for 2.80, if you’re installing on 2.79 you’ll want 1.3.2. There aren’t any real differences 1.4.4 and 1.3.2 besides some code changes to get Smart Select running on 2.80.

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thank you,I thought as much but there was no mention of the version on the Gunroad page or the email for the update.

blender 0523 version with smart select 1.4.4 on my linux mint,
edge mode with angle select hotkey Ctrl+Shift,it works well,
face mode with angle select hotkey Ctrl+Shift, doesn’t work.

I can’t reproduce the bug. I made my change angle hotkeys Ctrl+Shift and it works in both edge and face select mode for me with the a1ad71304c2d build (0523). I suspect this may be caused by Smart Select having a hotkey conflict with another addon. You can try changing the hotkeys and see if that makes a difference.

If changing the hotkeys does not work, could you try opening Blender from the terminal (command line) and then using the angle select option? That might provide more information as to why those hotkeys are not working in face mode. Copy the text from the terminal and paste it somewhere like and send me the link. If there is private info in the terminal info, you can paste the terminal information into a private message and send that as an alternative to Loading Blender from the command line on Windows can be done like this, opening Blender from the terminal on Linux should work mostly the same:


Thank you for your help, I did installed lots of addons, maybe it caused by the conflict with other addon, but I also tried to use a new blender userpref and without other addon, and the smart angle face mode doesn’t work either, I think maybe the reason is on my Linux system, I can’t figure it out.
Anyone with Linux system met the same problem?

Does anyone have crashes since using the addon when doing undo commands? It seems when I turn it off I don’t get any crash with undo. This has been happening for me since the older version for 2.79 and it still persists in 2.8 version.

I have never run into anything like this when testing. Are you able to make Blender crash reliably? Reliably as in a certain scene setup where using undo after using Smart Select will always crash blender.

Its not always after specific steps, it is random. But its gone once I turn off the plugin. Also, its been happening to me since 2.79 others have reported this problem along the way.

Just to make sure I am understanding your reply, by this

Are you saying it there are specific steps, that it only happens randomly, or both?

And in this statement

Are you saying this crash with Smart Fill did not happen in 2.78 or earlier 2.7x versions of Blender?

I am still testing as I am not sure now if it happens with Smart Select or not. This new build I downloaded is working much more stable but I remember in 2.79 was happening when trying to select with Alt normal sections. Will report back when I have more information about it. I started using the addon in 2.79 so I don’t know before that version.


Does this add-on support Edge Rings selection ?

For example, you select one edge, you press SHIFT, then you just double-click on the next (closest) edge, and it creates an Edge Rings selection.

It is possible with this add-on (I wonder if yours can too):

Thank you.

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click on edge while holding ctrl+alt, no need to select second edge. Then hold shift to select further edge rings.

Honestly, I´m so used to this addon that I´m not sure what is this addon and what is native Blender anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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handy add on thanks for sharing information… i really like duplicate along curve script

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As someone moving from Modo this addon is a godsend. Definitely worth paying for.
Thanks for making this awesome addon!

Did you figure out if it was Smart Select that caused Ctrl-Z crashes? I’m experiencing very similar issues, randomly crashing when using Ctrl-Z

Hmm, I wish I had more solid evidence, but I’m thinking there could be something behind these claims of Smart Select being a factor in crashes of Blender 2.90+. I’ve been using Smart Select nonstop since it first released about, what, 5 years ago? I’ve experienced a lot of Blender instability in my mesh modelling workflow, particularly over the last year (I always use the current latest release versions, not pre-release). I never suspected Smart Select as the culprit until I saw the messages in this thread today. As an experiment, I modelled all morning in Blender 2.93 with Smart Select enabled, and crashed 4 times. I then modelled all afternoon in Blender 2.93 with Smart Select disabled and have, thus far, not crashed a single time. Coincidence? I’m not so sure… I can’t put my finger on one thing that consistently causes a crash in either case.

@CybranM and @JTenebrous

I’ve not encountered any crashes testing Smart Select with recent 2.93 daily releases. I can look into it more if you are willing to provide additional details. I need info like what setup you are using, what kind of scene you were working on, and what you were doing right before the crash. Starting Blender from the command prompt / terminal can also help as error codes will usually be printed to that window after Blender crashes. You can message me directly if there’s info you can’t make public.

For what it’s worth, there were some known problems with Blender’s undo/redo system that weren’t specific to any particular add-on. IIRC, the Blender devs had an idea how to fix things, but wanted to delay adding these fixes until Blender 3.0 (at the earliest) as they required significant code changes.

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Thanks, I’ll see if I can make time to test for anything more concrete. Smart Select is almost certainly my single most-used plugin and TBH, I’m not sure if the additional stability I experienced in yesterday-afternoon’s modelling was enough to offset the slowdown/tediousness of trying to work without Smart Select. Also, with my extensive plugin setup, there could be an array of potential conflicts that would be particular to my setup and difficult to unravel… so, yeah, I’ll report back if I can pin anything down.