Smart Select - 1.4.4 This update fixes the install issue and select mouse problems

having the same problem blender 2.78, win 10 newest smart select…had to disable it until resolved sadly :frowning:

Thanks a ton guys, i will look into this once i get some time. I am afraid that it will take at least two weeks until the programmer have time. At least now i know that more people are having problem so it will be fixed for sure, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the addon mate. I read you say to Hold RMB but in my case is LMB. At least that’s how it works for me and I was going nuts until I found out it was the left not the right. I don’t seem to fully understand how the material selection works. I’ve tried adding 2 materials in different faces and trying that materials selection from the menu.

I wonder if it’s a version thingy. I will do my best to spend some time to look this up. Regarding the shortcuts you always can change everything yourself in the preferences. and pressing alt and scrolling your middle mouse button should toggle throught the difference options of select restrictions and material is one of them.

If you have any more questions hit me up on Skype: jimpaw80

Any luck with random crash while undoing? I really wish to get use with this awesome tool.


I am afraid it will take at least a week before solving this. The programmer that i am using is busy with other projects. At the moment i am working solely on my “Smart UV” addon but i promise you i will fix this first. You and some others have now reported the same issues and that needs to be solved. Really sorry for the wait if it was in my power i would have fixed it today but i can’t ;(

" 1. Create a cube
2. Hit Tab to enter edit mode, change to Edge Select mode if necessary
3. Alt-RMB to select a single edge
4. Alt-scrollwheel(or ctrl-scrollwheel) over a different edge to change mode/angle, you lose your selection and the edge you’re hovering over is selected.

This doesn’t seem like intended behaviour if alt-scrollwheel is just supposed to be a mode select.

when you click ALT+RMB, the first time you activate blenders default loop select tool.I made it like this so users can toggle between the two, the reason why you only select an edge on a cube is because of Blenders limitation.So the bug that you are seeing is when you change the delimit mode for Blenders default selection tool after have just selecting one edge.

But if you press ALT and double click, then you activate the smart select function that responds to the angle/delimit mode options. You can try this out yourself because if you just press L and selecting an entire model, that too will not respond on ALT + ctrl scrolling.

Maybe we should fix this in the coming version?

Hi I was wondering could it be possible to make “C” paint select tool to somehow work like knife tool, that you could rotate freely around your mesh and paint freely your faces, this would be so awesome :slight_smile:

What a great suggestion!, I actually never thought about that.Not sure if it’s possible but
let me check with the programmer when he gets time.

Is this working with blender 2.78 yet?

We will start working on the bugs this week. It’s still working for me, what version are you using? PC/MAC? and what errors do you get?

I hope you find that blender crashing bug, I really want to use this at work its so damn handy addon for my workflow :confused:

Okay so my plan is to make a bug list here as well. Can everyone that are having problems at the moment list all the errors that they are getting? I will do my best to go throught all of them. Be sure to mention what version of Blender you are using, what operating system and if you get any error reports be sure to screenshot them. Also suggestions are welcome.


  1. Random crash while undoing.


  1. Make “C” paint select tool to work like knife tool,so that you could rotate freely around your mesh and paint freely your faces.

  2. On-screen text will display how many faces you have selected.

I have just released a version that try to fix some weird crashes a few people have been experiencing, try it out and let me know if it solves your problem, i just sent it out on Gumroad. If you are not having any issues with smart select you can skip to install this version since no new features has been added.

Version 1.2.1

I was actually having lots of crashes when undoing selections. Is that the sort of bugs you fixed? I can only see 1.2 onGumroad. I also can’t make the double click work as expected and for instance, select the path across a sphere or a plane border. I am clicking holding alt and then click again. Is that the right method?

Hit me up on Skype and i will show you.

Skype: jimpaw80

Since the last update of this and install the rest of yyour addons i have a lot of crashes. All ended when I deactivate all

You have to be more specific. It’s hardly anything wrong with my other addons. What version of Blender are you using, what operating systems are you using? are you getting any errors? Deactivate the addons one by one. and let me know what is causing the crashes.

Same for me sadly win 10 and newest blender 2.78c its still somehow related to undo. Happens randomly and its full crash meaning that the blender just close without any warnings.

In my case is

windows 7, 64bits
Blender 2.78c 64bits

The problem is that I install smart UV, smart delete, smart select and update smart fill the same moment.