Smart UV 1.4.4 - Spread Loop

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Version 1.4.4 Latest features

Spread Loop - This tool will move the vertices of selected edge loops inside the uv editor and make them have the same proportions as in the 3d view - just with on click!

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Included tools:

- unwrap only the selected island in the uv editor.
Re-Unwrap Smooth - reunwraps the selected faces without cutting them out and smooth out the unselected faces to fit it.

Align island rotation by edge
- This command makes it possible to align islands by selecting one edge. The island will then snap to a horizontal or vertical axis depending on what is closest, you can select several islands at once.
Shortcut: Shift + mmb scroll

Fill Selection tool - Make an edge loop for example and easy fill the inside or outside of that selection with just one click. Works exactly as my smart select addon but for the uv editor.Align islands - align islands in a row. work in all directions
Rip - Context sensetive, work in all modes. will also activate the move tool right away.

Snap uv - Snaps selected vert/Face/Island to closest unselected.
[I]Shortcut: Ctrl+mmb scroll - increase/decrease value.

Only place holder.

Shift rotate
- Snap rotates selected cw/ccw. (set angle in prefs.)
Shortcut[I][I]: Shift MMB scroll up/down.

[/I][/I]Select shortest path - now works in all modes. Copy rotation[I][I] - Will be included in another version only placeholder right now.

[/I][/I]Spread Loop - This tool will move the vertices of selected edge loops inside the uv editor and make them have the same proportions as in the 3d view - just with on click! [I][I]

  • a lot more.

[I][I]What features will come in the next version? (We are eaiting for the Blender 2.79 version to arrive-bugs need to be fixed in Blender)

[/I][/I]* Interactive cut + a mode where your UV will update live while you cut it.

  • marking edges and pressing Re-unwrap will cut the selected edges so from now on the “mark seam”
    will not be needed.
  • Select boundary loop for the uv editor (and perhaps when you swith from face mode to edge mode Blender will automaticly select the border edges.


  • Better stitch that scales the snap faces to the right ratio.

  • [/I][/I]Straighten both X & Y at the same time based on how the uv lines actually look in the uv editor NOT based on actual geometry or based on a square uv grid.

  • Copy rotation - copy rotation between islands.

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Will be possible to do group boxes like in UV Layout?

I actually don’t know, let me check with my programmer. I had something similar in mind but a bit different. I will get back to you on this, thanks!

I can see actually two ways to use group boxes - pack small pieces together or create box of the size of the original UV Grid and move it to specific position (UDIM) and also it will be helpful to have label so I can name them 1001 - 1002 - 1003.

I’m not sure how possible or practical it is to create, but for what it’s worth, uv island groups would be a welcomed implementation.

Thats great to hear, thanks for the feedback! i will ask my programmer about that for sure.

Hi, your tools look interesting. For my work would be useful to have texel density tools. Like scale islands to match texel density, or “show texel density of selected island”.
Also I agree with emboo2, that uv islands group is good idea. Imagine you create textures for games, usually you want to keep same colors together (color islands) groups would help a lot. These things would be something to make me buy your addon for sure :slight_smile:

Im curious about you and your programmer updates :slight_smile:

I talked with my programmer and this seems to be a lot of work, i will do it in the future because i have a lot of useful tools that are comming first which i think is really useful. When you say color islands do you mean like in 3d coat where islands gets different colors?

bought bought!

Attaboy! Don’t forget to leave suggestions on things you would like to see.

Sorry that I can’t afford it :frowning:

Color islands - I mean actually ID map. Imagine a car. You want to have carpaint material uvs all together, chrome parts together, etc… This helps to prevent some color bleeding on mipmaps.

Thanks, really sorry but i am still not sure what you mean :confused: if you want to place all islands that share the same color close to one another you can do that by hand, what tools specific for that are you looking for? Are you simply saying that you want to create some type of id for the islands so that an packing function for example would put the same type of islands close, or maybe that you would like to have the shells get different colors so that users might spot what type of material is assigned to that specific face?

I wanted to give you real life example of UV group boxes usage, which other guys proposed.

It would be great to have the option to Fit a selection. It would work like this: you would choose an island, then click the button or a shortcut and then you would draw a marquee where the island would fit into or constraint to its borders. Do you think you could have that option added to your addon?

Should you do this before you unwrap, and then the result would fit into that square is that that what you are looking for?

Here is how the box (group island box) works.

as you can see you can select bunch of islands and put them into group, you can also pack up specific boxes, add a new islands to the box or remove islands from the box. What will be nice is to have box names, and if the names are 1001,1002,1003 it will put the boxes to the right position of the UDIM space, i know that in blender the full box is 512x512 so the positions from the left are 0, 512, 1024, 1536 etc. and you will automatically give blender nice UDIM workflow.

Usefull addon, purchased :slight_smile:

Thanks! We are working on the next version and it should be up within 1-2 days, I am really excited to hear what you all think about it. There is a lot of tools in the air so i am not sure what will make it or not but here are some festures that are really closed of beeing finished:

  1. Context sensetive rip tool, maybe with options of how the selection will be ripped depending on mode.
  2. Straighten both X & Y at one click, works with lines as well.
  3. Toggle uv will be active on both panel and pie.
  4. Selecting edges and use the re-unwrap tool will cut all selected edges.
  5. We are also playing with an interactive cut & stich tool that will update (unwrap) the uv:s everytime you use either of the command.
  6. A fill your previous selection like smart fill has tool but for the uv editor.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!!

Purchased. :slight_smile: