Smart UV 1.4.4 - Spread Loop

(jimpaw80) #41

The F6 works as you want now!

(jimpaw80) #42

Smart UV 1.4.0 is here!


  • Shortest select path tool now work in all modes.
  • Select face loop for the uv editor.
  • A new re-unwrap tool that does not rip apart the selected faces but simply remove distortion.
  • Tooltips for all the tools inside the preferences.
  • More options inside the preferences.
  • Users can now press F6 and choose between angle base or conformal, etc.

What feature will be implemented in the next versions?

*Interactive cut tool. makes it possible to cut the mesh and have it be updated live without having to mark seams.

  • selecting edges and pressing re-unwrap will cut the selected edges - in other words no need to mark seams.
  • selecting edges and using the move islands tool will align the edges after the highest point instead of moving the entire island (context sensetive)

(fiendish55) #43

Nice update! Loop selection with faces seems to work properly, but would it be possible to implement same feature you have in smart select that choosing two face loops and clicking and holding between them it would select the whole area those faceloops are covering? This currently dont work in uv editor side.

(jimpaw80) #44

Thanks! More to come :wink: unless something is wrong it should work, have you selected what shortcuts you want inside the preferences?

(jimpaw80) #45

Here is an issue i need help with to solve the next tool, if anyone of you have any ideas let me know, it would help me a lot to fix this issue.

I am working on a function that will make it possible to cut the islands in realtime in the uv editor. The idea is to be able to skip the seam step completely. I have already got this function to work, the problem is that as soon as you unwrap something in Blender the islands get’s rotated. Does anyone know how to solve this?

(chafouin) #46

As a Maya user, I really like SmartUV! The Re-Unwrap is similar to Maya Unfold, and being able to only unfold a few selected vertices very quickly is awesome. That and the rip faces are really game changers for doing UVs in Blender.

Can’t wait for the next features :slight_smile:

(jimpaw80) #47

Really glad to hear that. Stay tuned!

(1D_Inc) #48

Awesome addon, bought it 2 times, thank you!!)

(1D_Inc) #49

It seems the only way is to pin some 2 points (or edge) out of cut to protect form and position.

(1D_Inc) #50

By the way, what is straighten button stans for?

(1D_Inc) #51

It seems I didn’t got smoothreunwrap feature properly)
Can’t get it worked.

Also some proposal there =)
[Spread] button that sets selected edgeloop’s edges proportions from model between first and last selected points.
Can be placed under [Straighten] button.

This will be useful (at least) with bounds of cyllindrical surfaces like this - there is no ability to quickly fix distortion of bounds yet, so it will give ability to set equal distances to top/bottom edges, and set correct aspect to side loops.

Feature is hardly needed for products like this

(jimpaw80) #52

Glad to hear that you like it!
Still a ton to go. I will look into your suggestions and see if they are possible.

(1D_Inc) #53

Thank you! That would be awesome)
Here is some more proper picture of proposal.

L - distance between two external points of selected loop.
[Spread] straightens and distributes UV vertices so proportions of lenghts of UV edges corresponds to model’s edges length proportions.

(jimpaw80) #54

Thanks for the suggestion!

I will keep this until it’s time to start working on the smart uv, really soon we will release an updated version of Smart Fill. Stay tuned!

(jpthrash) #55

Thanks for the addon, I have been using it recently at work, a real time saver.

I leave here a couple of inspirational links, though you might have seen them already.

(Maya 2017 Update 3)

(Super UV Tools by Seneca Menard)

(jimpaw80) #56

Thanks! Will keep them in mind for future tools.

(fiendish55) #57

Hi any progress with the smart uv addon what new features you have planned for the next release?

(jimpaw80) #58

Right now we are waiting for the next release of Blender. It will have some important updates that will make a lot of tools more easy to implement. Really sorry for the lack of updates on all of my addons.

(fiendish55) #59

Hi what kinda features you have planned to add in next update? I got an idea of auto rotation tool that would automatically rotate uv islands to same orientation. Also some toggle button to see colored hue of flipped uv islands right away would help alot when stacking identical uv islands together inside uv editor.

(jimpaw80) #60

Both of the things that you asked for are on my list. It’s more a matter of getting a hold of a programmer that actually has time to help me with this addon. Once i have that it will continue to grow. What you have seen so far is not even the basics. There is so much stuff left to be done.