Smart UV 1.4.4 - Spread Loop

(equiso) #61

Purchased. Loving it so far. Ill make an extensive use of it.
The reunwrap work nice, but few details would make it awsome. If you unwrap several islands, they will loose their uv position and regular unwrap would be perform. If the island is rotated it will loose his rotation too. the island is calculate by bounding box, so it get scaled to the bigger direction, preserving texels would be higly apreciated.

+1 to detect overlapping faces


(jimpaw80) #62

Smart UV 1.4.4 is here!

In this version we added a new tool called “Spread Loop”. It makes it possible to select an edge inside the UV editor and execute the tool to make the verticies get the same proportions as in the 3d view.

Big thanks to Paul Kotelevets at 1-D inc that actually supported us with money in order to develope this tool. Hope you guys like it.

Updates on this script will not come until the Blender 2.79 release. At the moment Blender has a lot of bugs that the devs need to adress, before this is done it’s just a waste with time trying to fix things in this addon.

(jimpaw80) #63

I agree on all points. Sadly it looks like we are going to have to wait until 2.79 is out. It has some important bugfixes that will help us resolve this issue (not sure if it will be enought). But more or less everything you asked for will be fixed.

(fiendish55) #64

Hi I’m working with dual monitor setup and I like to re-unwrap/unwrap directly on my second screen where I have my uv editor open could you add option in smart uv pie menu to choose if I want unwrapped island to be angle based or confortal? This is currently really annoying to do from the second screen menu panel.

Also this gear button is too small to get activated?

(jimpaw80) #65

Thanks for the feedback,

You know that you can change that with F6 right? Or maybe that’s what you think is annoying?

My pie menu is bigger than yours so i don’t have that problem. You can change the pie menu settings inside Blenders preferences but maybe we should add a separate one for Smart UV so that it does not affect the rest?

(fiendish55) #66

Separate one could be nice since I kinda like how my current pie menus are nice and close to my hand motion. I propably bind F6 menu somewhere closer to my fingers but I kinda start losing free hotkey slots there is so many addons.

(jimpaw80) #67

Why don’t you just create your own menu with pie menu editor?

(wuren) #68

Blender 2.9 is out ! Can we get a Smart UV update ? I am looking for it for a long time !

Cheer !

(jimpaw80) #69

As soon as the programmer has time, I think most of my addons will need an update. 2.9 should fix a lot of issues to so hopefully there will be a whole bunch of updates comming on the UV area!

Stay tuned and sorry for the waiting.

(bkjernisted) #70

Does smart uv work with 2.79?

(bkjernisted) #71

Is there a difference between smart uv project and smart uv and should I buy smart uv for any reason? Thanks

(rombout) #72

Dont want to hack or mislead here, but have you seen this one :wink:

(jimpaw80) #73

Really sorry for the lack of commitment on my part these past months. My girlfriend recently got diagnosed with cancer and and has been a very hard time for me and my family especially the kids. On top of that i have switched industry and are no longer in front of the computer. Luckily everything are finally looking better. In Februari i will finally start to work on all of my scripts again so hang in there!

(dodeqaa) #74

Hello @jimpaw80,

Sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Glad everything is looking better! Cant wait to see your updates on the add on!

(theApe) #75

Family comes first always. Take your time :slight_smile:

(bliblubli) #76

Yep, by the way, many serious studies proved that not eating, or only 8 hours a day, helps a lot against cancer. Just in case you didn’t hear about that.

(rombout) #77

How can that be?

(jimpaw80) #78

Okay so here is an update i would hope i never had to do. But the reality is this, I am looking for a programmer that can help me grow my addons to the next level, and what is worse is that before i find one i can’t provide you with any more updates…

I am looking for a programmer that has the time to commit to a long term deal since addons will require a lot of updates, but mostly more features, and there is a ton of stuff left to be added. If you feel you are game, contact me and we can talk more. To all of you out there who have bought my addons,really sorry for letting you down again. I will do what is within my power to solve this.

Kindly // Jimmy

PS. I will post a copy of this text on all my treads to let everyone know, please do not remove this.

(rombout) #79

What happened to your other coder, because i had the feeling you had some aside of you doing the coding. In a couple videos, you even talked about “my developers”

(jimpaw80) #80

That was probably for a short period of time. I have never coded myself, just design my addons and paid other programmers to code the addons. It’s a really tricky situation. I wish i had the ability to code myself, that way i could just work 24/7 but i cant. Know any good ones?