Smart UV 1.4.4 - Spread Loop

(rombout) #81

There are tons of them, just need to find the correct one. Also which understands you workflow. what options have your tried for possible candidates?

(jimpaw80) #82

I have just searched for coders here so far. I need to find someone that really burns for making Blender better, what i offer is a 50/50 from the profit straight off. Again its tricky, i have two kids at home and dont work in the gaming industry anymore so i am not in front of the computer to much.

(RealityFox) #83

I’d recommend having them receive a minimum amount, say 1200 and then 50/50 split or a 55/45 split for the programmer. Freelancers very rarely go for profit share since it’s usually not that much to work full time on. Good luck on finding a coder! And good to know your girlfriend is doing better!

(jimpaw80) #84

Good points. I remember when i used to freelance and people would ask me if i wanted to work for them for future incomes, that was a no - always for me. The thing with Blender addons is really tricky. It’s really not the type of market to make any money and that’s not why i do it anyway. I take pride in that i helped a lot of people have a little more user friendly experience in Blender, that means everything to me. The profit for me has always been a way not to go backwards financially when creating addons. I would easy go higher that 50/50 if it’s the right person., it really depends on how much he/she can work. but a fixed amount of dollars is a no go for me, i simply wan’t to work with a person that see this as a long time project.

But i hear you, what you say makes sence.

And thanks for the kind words regarding my girlfriend, things are slowing getting back to normal. :slight_smile:

(jellbelle) #85

Will you update current version for 2.8?

(jellbelle) #86


(jimpaw80) #87

Maybe in the future, Right now nburn are working on the Smart Select addon.

(jellbelle) #88

Oh that sad. Can’t use blender in production without this addon :sob:

(MatsuikoHiroka) #89

looking forward smart select
any plans for early builds of addon? ( 2.8 )
i bought the addon but now i cant use it anymore since i like 2.8

(jellbelle) #90

Maybe some else can update it to 2.8? This is really cool addon, i can not migrate to .8 without it :frowning: