Smart UV Project seems to have overlapped

Hello Friends,

I have a shape that I want to texture paint. When I paint it does this thing where certain areas fill in.

There you can see the lighter green should not be. I Have used Smart UV Project and that works unless I use a subsurface division. Once I do, any loop cuts to sharpen some corners wreck it. Please have a look. I am using blender 2.83.5
Support.blend (1.6 MB)

Thank You.

yes actually your topology is not very good, you have overlapping faces, it might be the thing that messes up the texture painting(?)… if you make a merge by distance it seems to fix the problem

Hey @moonboots

When I merge by distance my model gets all lumpy as all the loop cuts I made are merged.

If I apply my subsurface modifier then merge, I get the same results as my initial post. Are there other ways to fix the topology? Am I merging by distance wrong? I am using the minimum value.

Thank you for the help.


I reapplied the modifier then redid the UV map and viola! nice painting.
Thank you very much!

yes because your topology is not good, but if you want a quick fix you can do that for example:

Thanks but I need it to have the shape of the first image. Even if I have to start from scratch what is the proper way to do this? To give you an Idea of what I want to make; this is intended to be a brass support for a shaft. I wanted to paint on some tarnish and give it an aged look.

You can create additional edge loops in order to sharpen the angles, use the knife tool (K to activate, W to cut through, C to cut perpendicularly):