Smart UV Unwrap

Is there any easier way to do this?
I used the smart uv unwrap and this is what i got:

Is that what you want or not ?
If not, what do you want ?
Did you adjust any of the unwrap settings ?

We’re in the dark a bit here, we have absolutely no idea what you are trying to achieve !

For full control, apply seams (Ctrl+E) and then U / Unwrap

This is not what I want :confused:
I want it to look more simple so I can texture paint easily, the unwrap always looks like a mess, but many times I see it displayed as something simple as shown here:

How can I adjust the unwrap settings?

Watched a blender tutorial on how to use seams but it looks like it’s for simple models such as primitives…

Like everything else in CG, there is no magic button for UVs. Using seams is what you want. Use them to split the pieces into proper flat parts and then adjust them by hand in the UV editor to give the best results. For something like that sword, you can even stack the pieces on top so that you only have to paint one side. That will save you texture memory if it’s a game object. I tend to use the standard unwrap but I use seams and usually make several attempts before I get what I want (keep making seams where you need them).

Hope this helps!

Marking seams is not just for primitives. It is specifically for more complex forms where you need to carefully place seams to get a clean unwrap with minimal distortion. Both videos you linked to are using hand-marked seams to unwrap.