Smash Lego model on floor

Hello everybody!
I’m a blender user from Hamburg, Germany. I got stucked trying to build up a physics simulation and can’t find a solution in this forum. So I hope someone can help me.

What i wanted to do is to smash a huge Lego model (3000 pieces and more) on the floor. The generell physics-simulation is not the problem and i also trying to use the bullet constrains tool. But I either get a model that starts to fall apart in the air (without the bullet constrains tool) or I get a model that brakes in a poor way on the floor. Is it possible to smash the whole model in its single pieces when it hits the floor?

I hope you understand my question and pleaae apologise my bad English.


I tried the same thing some time ago - this is based on the intersections (the parts are too close to each other). But you already figured out that constraints could solve this problem.

Can you explain more clearly what happens? Is it falling apart only in clusters?