Smash tv (or robotron 64) character setup

how would i go about setting up my character so he runs and attacks somewhat like smash tv or robotron 64?

What EXACTLY are you asking? How to move a character? how to have a model track an object? You need to look up WSAD movements, they are everywhere. If you want mouse movement you can do that too. There are hundreds of tutorials just on this site alone. It sounds like you are asking someone else to do all the heavy lifting for you. Try using search and looking up movement in blender or mouselook in blender or something. heck even most Google searches will lead you to this site and the right topics.

For a Robotron set up, I assume he means he wants 8-way movement and 8-way shooting. I’d advise Python for this, and you probably would want a mouse + keyboard or joystick setting, since using the keyboard only may cause key conflicts. It could be workable if you had a different key for each direction. However, you might run into an issue in which you wouldn’t get all of the keys pressed to be recognized due to keyboard hardware limits.

Sorry, it was a bit of a vague question. I didn’t expect anyone to do any work for me, i was just wondering if anyone had tried to do this before and the best way to go about doing it. I was mostly wondering about how to script the weapon to face down if the down arrow key is pressed and so on (i know how to achieve this through logic bricks, but i would rather try and further my knowledge of python by using it to do this). i have since figured this out on my own. sorry for wasting your time :slight_smile:

never a waste to ask a question, but vagueness is the enemy in asking questions :slight_smile: glad you found a solution