Smashing Wood With Bullet Constraints

Learn how to realistically destroy a piece of wood in Blender using cell fracture, bullet physics, and constraints!
You can download the bullet constraint tools here:

Is it possible to make longer and more splintered pieces break off using this method? It looks good, thanks for the tut.

Sure! After fracturing, scale along the z axis then apply the scale. I should have mentioned that in the video, but I forgot.

Hello. I’m trying to follow the window shatter tutorial for the bullet constraint. However, I can’t seem to locate the bullet constraint tool. I have checked both the physics panel as well as the add-ons. I can’t even locate it in add-ons at all. In the physics panel, I do see a header called ¨constraint¨and the button below it is called ¨connect¨. Has this feature been renamed or not included? I’m using the newest version, Blender 2.73. Thanks.