Smaug the Magnificent

Hi, I just got the game “The Hobbit” and decided to make Smaug the Magnificent in Blender. Here’s a start. I hope you like it! C&C greatly appreciated.

Here’s an update.
I still don’t dare to begin with the head tho. Does anyone have good reference pictures of a dragon’s (preferably Smaug’s) head? I can’t find good ones…

No replies? :frowning:

give us time! it a forum.

I think it’s very good start. On such a beast what will realy do te difference is detail. and a good texture.

The heaad you got there is prety. but if you want more: there is always google!. you can search image in googel too:

Thanks! Sorry, but I don’t have much patience :smiley:
First I’m building the rough body, and then muscle definition etc. And I still don’t want to think about the uvmapping :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Ok, meet my head ref!

Working on the head now.

good start! i think you should try to do a completely original head.

Looks good for being so early in the making, looks like this is going to be somewhat challenging.

Well, this is how it turned out. I’m not sure about the dark red thing though. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Teeth will come in the next update.

This one…
… or this one?

Very cool so far. :slight_smile: I can’t wai to see how it ends up. I’m working on a dragon, also, but am having a hard time getting the mouth to look like I’d like it, so I’ve moved onto the body. :smiley:

very nice, you seem to have the body down
and the head detail looks great

Nice work on the head, but it looks quite different from your reference pictures :wink:

Nice work.

Looks like a good start to “Smaug the Golden”. :smiley: Make the face sly though, not fierce. He’s a cunning dragon. :wink:

In some editions of The Hobbit, there are various drawings of Smaug.

Thanks, and good luck with your dragon!

Yeah, but my head ref is a blue dragon so that explains a bit. And those 2d artists draw something much easier than we make it in 3d. They don’t have to think about edgeloops, polycount, how the heck to model something…
Nah, just kidding, I, of course, draw too sometimes.

Thanks Wu! Do you know of any good uv mapping tutorials, by the way? LSCM tutorials preferably? I would be very gratefull if you do, and your uv mapping studies are just great, so that’s why I am asking to you :smiley:

That’s a good point. I’ll adapt his face.
Is there anywhere on the net where I can find these drawings? I would’ve liked to see Tolkiens Smaug drawed (if Tolkien drawed it at all).

Thanks for all the replies![/quote]

Is there anywhere on the net where I can find these drawings? I would’ve liked to see Tolkiens Smaug drawed (if Tolkien drawed it at all).
Yep. claims this picture was Tolkien’s rendition of Smaug:

Thanks for the drawing! A bit thin and friendly looking for my taste, but ok. Here is an update.
I tried to let him frown so he looked more sly. Next up are the arms and hands. I always though it unlogical for a dragon to have wings and arms. A bat has his hands grown to wings, but dragons not. That’s a bit unlogical and oddlooking, if you see it in that perspective. But it looks cool too, and it’s a lot easier with animation.

Added the arms.

Nice arms on that. :wink: They’re nice, useful arms, not like to T-Rex wee-arms. I like these a lot.

thanks a lot! Whee, somebody likes my arms!
Well, here’s an update on both hands and arms.
Next up are the legs, need to refine those, and then some… er… thingies on the spine and tail, and maybe on the head too, for some extra detail.
EDIT: Oh, and the gems on his belly. That’s one thing I musn’t forget.

He’s looking better all the time, keep it up then put him in a scene :slight_smile: