smc-entry wallpaper


i made a simple wallpaper from my smc-entry and i think it looks kind of cool, so if anybody wants to have it, grab it here:


Excellent lighting, perfect mood, precise modelling. :o :smiley:
Only one thing: it’s evident, you’ve used one figure and duped it… :expressionless:

thanks :slight_smile:

yes, thats cos i only had 30min for modelling and 30min for the rest :wink:

cya henrik

Then again thumbs up! :smiley:

Uahhhhhhhh nice dudes :slight_smile: Looks like a rock goblings or something… Realy greate !

:slight_smile: very artistic! The lighting’s great!!!

it’s too small :slight_smile:
and colored one I think was better.


hm… too small? that’s just my monitor-resolution :smiley:

i dunno, i think the b/w-one is better as background.

thanks guys for the comments :slight_smile:

cya henrik