SMC - 'flower'

(blengine) #1

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this speed modeling contest was on the topic FLOWER-
i say the best entries ive seen yet in an smc:







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ps. - there was 45 minutes for this contest =)

(SGT Squeaks) #2

holy cow!! :o you guys seem to have alot of spare time. And I do have to agree, these SMC pics look like some of the best yet. BTW, how much time did you get?

(beergeek) #3

Those look great! Although I can’t get to the ones on so I will have to wait until it is back up to vote :slight_smile:

(Alvaro) #4

Reduz, one point, because make me feel happy
Mr. Neil, one point, because make me dream
the others, 0 points, because don’t make me feel nothing

(Detritus) #5

I would vote at reduz if it wasn´t for the rough edges. They can be smoothed off using SubSurfs! But it´s a really good picture otherwise! Now, my vote goes to imgrandpaboy, for the realism and happy, warm feeling it gives me when I look at it.