[#SMC] Regarding smc's from bot

Just to update people on the state of the irc channel bot that posts speed modeling contests to here;

Currently the bot does not support Discourse!
Discourse is all written in a way that the way the bot interacts with websites (from a module standpoint) does not really support dynamic websites well. Its more of the way it reads a webpage.
However the actual posting to discourse isn’t too much of an issue (infact its a heck of alot nicer and easier than the hoops we go through for posting to the old blenderartists) thanks to the markup of making a poll inside a topic

Ok so what is going on
Currently lack of alot of time at present but i know what is going on and what is not going on when it comes to making it work (It is one of those small things that make the rest of it harder to achieve nicely but once one thing works then the rest should smoothly happen)

So please! hang tight! It isn’t a lack of ability, its a lack of time which at present, I want (and im wanting to be honest) to be doing other things i like to do when its the weekend.