SMC: Roller Coaster

I guess i shall post my entry as well…

I dont usually post pictures, and i guess i shouldnt either :stuck_out_tongue:
well… tough luck… I did post my picture, so here it is :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s my SMC entry so it’s just for the speed… i might have tuned far more, if i only was in the mood :wink:

well c&c are still very welcome :smiley:

The thing I really like from this picture is the viewpoint with the flipped background. Gives a sense of vertigo and being upside down.
The motion blur seemed a little too much.

Post your pictures, it’s a good way to learn and get construtive crits on how to improve. As an artist you don’t have to agree with everything people say but it’s nice to get feedback on what is good and what needs to be worked on.

Well I love it. For the simplicity of the image, you couldn’t have captured better the feel of being on a rollercoaster. Being afraid you’ll hit the tracks above you, going upside-down and seeing the world blurred… so cool.


thnx for the comments!

i know how the board works by now, so i guess that 2 replies for 200 views is pretty average :wink:

indeed i should post more of my work… the next one worth showing shall be showed! (or previous one ;))

Looks good man. I kinda like how much motion blur there is. But then again i would like it when i see it without :).

i think its cool, and don’t crit urself…thats our job

45 minute time on that SMC?

Looks awesome, remind me never to go up against you on SMC, hehehe.

24 hours :wink:
check out the contest forum or frontpage :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh so its a 24 hour contest entry. Why did he label it as SMC?

:o yo mean it isnt the same :o

loooll didnt know that :stuck_out_tongue:
well i guess it didnt take much longer than 45 mins…
considering i was doing msn/kazaa/fe and blender simulteanously :wink:

but sry i guess… it is an 24 - contest indeed :slight_smile: