[ SMC/SDC alien ] - [ 45 Minutes ]





-.- smcman ftl

for those who are wondering, thats not a penis!!

prove it mate!

well as you can see, the pen… um thingy extrudes from the belly and not the genital region, therefore its a peni… i mean thingy!!!

you know, not many people come here to the smc part

now I think i know why :slight_smile:

strike, you think about gay stuff too much

I do not think about gay stuff

ok then why do you still think its a penis HUH?

You’re the gay one around here, gaymer3d

It looks like a penis because you were thinking of a PeNiS when you modelled it penisman

its a peins get over it…:RocknRoll:

man what you talkin bout man im not gettin over a penis

omg… can we talk about something else besides freaking p3n0rz0rz!!

ok kramer3d… what do you want to talk about?

Strike, i would like to talk about west african economic problems

gaywadlosermer3d: you modled it, not us… just cause your is smaller than any other mans dont mean we have to stop laughing at you XDLOL:RocknRoll:

That is a very enlightening subject kramer3d.

ok darkchild, youre making fun of my penis? well how would you know how big it is, unless you saw it OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOohhhhhhhhhh BURNnnnnnnn