SMC: simple spaceship

(@ce) #1

ok time to post another SMC…and I gotta say…Andy sure put the simple out of the question!!! :smiley:



Original designs, and amazing outcomes…who has won the day?

(DreamMaster) #2

You forgot to tell us how long it took???

Good modeling by the way everyone!

(Ecks) #3

How do I participate to those little contest?

anyway here is my entry!

check in the wip forum in the thread: “Spaceship for The Exodus in the work” AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

(noko) #4

just added some dof and changed some colour (just for fun… i think it looks much nicer this way…)

(blengine) #5

cool entries! crap i missed another smc! damn me!
noko, i loved yours the best, great style… but u better get that pic outta yer signature =D or you might get yelled at =\

(SGT Squeaks) #6

we cant have pics in our signatures? dang. if only we had avatars.