SMC: Things you can kill with

1 hour for all:




Forgive me for being daft, but how do you enter these contest and how long do they run for?

Easy, you go to the chat and say: “Who’s up for a smc?”. Then you choose the topic and time restrictions and so on. :slight_smile:


beat y0 a$$ wit a heavy hoe spoon motha shi!! Kill maa momma wit’ a ‘ho ho ho, I can beat y0 ass’ motha whiney punk ass… my spoon is goin’ up where you ain’ sure of if u bee playin’ wit’ my hoe

what you talkin’ bout a motha bitch ass rocka spoon for… you stoned bouyyy?

boy you better be gettin’ those staples out ya mummies draw you dead ass punk!


I like them both!
Antiggo, the shurikens look really cool, but seem just a tad out of proportion with the wooden boards. They seem very big and would probably be hard to throw :smiley:

That’s because they’re not shurikens. They’re lawnmower blades.