smc: to weird little creatures that will bite your ass.....


ok, our topic was:
“weird little creatures that will bite your ass if you dont watch it!” :stuck_out_tongue:
And we had some great entries in this one!! Best smc i have been in so far :slight_smile:

now vote!




scottish pig:



HOLY CRAP, HOW LONG DID U GUYS HAVE TO DO THOSE? THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, andys won, because of humor, and such beautiful lighting, but basse, yours was equaly amazing!!! wow, i like all of them!! congrats to the winner!

sorry, that my entry has been down tonight… it should be up again now :slight_smile:

they are all nice :smiley:
but basse has the most complete scene so you have my vote :wink:

X-Warrior: That creature looks adapted to ass-biting…
katuswasser: Nice… I love that shader.
andy: Truth… that’s what I can say… Truth and damn good shading
scottishpig: An ass-biting bot… cool.
kero: Best… I love that chrome… that’s like an ass-biting machine…