[SMD] Animation does not affect mesh/play in source nor hammer

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I’ve used blender for a good while now, primarily for modeling for the source engine. Now I’m trying to learn and use animations (for source), but I’m having problems. It seems as if I’ve rigged and animated the model in blender correctly, the animation plays in pose-mode and I can export the animation as a separate .smd with the Blender Source Tools. The .qc file seemingly compiles fine, as I can see the animation being available and selectable in hammer in my prop_dynamic, but the animation does not play nor deform the mesh in neither hammer nor in-game.

Here’s a zip-file https://ufile.io/pk238 containing

  • The .blend file
  • The .qc file I’ve used
  • Already exported .smds I’ve also used, just in case

I am using the Blender Source Tools version 2.9.1 to export meshes and animations to .smd, and Crowbar version 0.42 to compile them (using the .qc) into source models.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone with sufficient knowledge of blender and the source engine could help me point out what I’m doing wrong, and how to fix either of the files presented. For reference, the model “models/props_combine/combinebutton.mdl” in HL2 uses a similar animation (“press”) so I know what I want to achieve animation-wise can be done, but not how.

Thank you!

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Bump. Can someone at least point me in the right f_cking direction? Hello??