SMD exporter issues

Hi, the last day i’ve downloaded this script it used for export to source engine by Valve. but i’ve problem exporting my mesh with bones(when trying to view with the item viewer it display ERROR instead of my mesh … The obj file format is compatible too but it don’t handle the bones.

So my question is: how i can export my rigged mesh with this script? or this is just a bug?

Please post if you find what the error was and the solution. Probably the valve forums can help you better, since the SMD exporter is official, I’m pretty sure it has good support. In anycase, have you tried exporting other meshes? importing an SMD file and exporting it again?

yeah’ i’ve tried and they are imported as i exported it… there are problems with the bones… I Don’t really understand why it does’not recognize it… I Must check Automatically attach to bip_head(in item test), that work for some models like hat but not for the other