sméagol/gollum [Yeah! update at page 10]

hey everyone!

time to practice some modeling, that’s what i came up with this evening:

no more nasty trianglesesss, no my precious. we hate them!

i’m planning to make the head/ shoulder part only since i dont have that much free time. textures are still in the far future…
looking forward to your c&c! :slight_smile:

hey thats not fair, how did you get a photo of my grandfather. you got him looking pretty good too.

if anything lets go lighter on the texturing eh?


nice job, mind if i borrow that ear? :stuck_out_tongue:

that does look like a fantastic ear. The rest looks equally as good, nice texturing. I agree wth Alltaken, if you could get a more sickly looking pale to the skin, i think you’d grab his look even better. Remember, the guy did spend a few centuries in a cave.

…What motivates you? That is awesome…I don’t have to motivation to accomplish anything like that.

the sight of being finished!
yeah i really like stuff that is done and doesnt need to rot on my hd anymore… that’s a huge motivation! :wink:

about color: oh yes, i think i made him a bit too redish. gonna update the pic quickly. but then i have to sleeeep… those 2 hours of modeling were quite exhausting…


…great model! :o

It would be easier for me to comment if there was something to criticize…oh well, it’s ugly! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Excellent model @ndy. I’ve had a good look and I really can’t find anything wrong with it. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you animate him sometime. You ought to make good use of this very workable mesh. :slight_smile:

Are you going to do the inside of the mouth?

Is this an original character? Or are you modeling Golem himself. If you are, then he could use more wrinkles under his eyes…Unless you were going to do that with a texture. His upper lip could be thinner, and I don’t think his eyes are that big. His cheekbones are kind of consentrated close below his eyes and extrude off the side of his face. And the eyebrow portion of his head isn’t quite so large. I know I don’t have the right to comment on your work
:expressionless: Im just nit picking at every possible thing that could make it perfect, because im sure your capable of perfection :smiley: I also think that his nose curves out and down a little and its not so raised at its point.

:smiley: wonderful work

I have one critique though (who am I to critique the great @ndy? But I’m doing it anyway 8) )

The edge loops above the upper lips are not right. They seem to originate from the nose. The edge loops of the mouth should flow in a circle around the mouth in accordance to the muscle there (the orbicularis oris if memory serves me well).

Great work. The mesh looks farely clean. Get this badboy textured, and it’ll make a kickass orc/golem/monster-thing-whatever…

super cool @ndy! are you going to use ramp shaders in it?

Cool model, are you planning on using the cvs version with the new shader option for the material ?

it’s all right - good modeling but it has a few problems:

  1. the eyes don’t wrapp into the sockets! (parent a lattice and try to warp them to fill the space!)
  2. you can see the seam going down the midddle of the face! Sure it is alright having that on the top of the head (everyone has a bumb there) but on the face!?

By all other concerns though good work!

WOW! Very cool! And I think the reddyness is not that bad, some pictures his skin is blueish, but look at this:

I found some sort of a wireframe:

how do you do that? :x

Personally i hate Gollum, i don’t understand what’s interesting with him.
Ok he was well animated (motioncaputered rather), but his design… erk!
don’t panic!!! just my opinion.

Anyway, @ndy did an excellent mod’ here

here the original Gollshi…um



Ataryu: the design is of course “inspired” from the great work of weta workshop, so yes he’s THE gollum/sméagol. yup, i’ll make the finer wrinkles under his eyes with a texture. i’m working from a couple of references of gollum, i think i got most of the facial features working, so all i have to do now is tweak tweak tweak…

three-dee: oh yes, the inside of the mouth is on its way [gonna post an uptade later].

toontje: i think the mouth edgeloops are okay since i need less movement on the upper lip. shaping that area with the mouth loop wouldnt give me the right lip movement… erhm… did that make sense? i dont think so :expressionless:

look at the sceenshot 4Daniel posted, bay raitt [the godlike master who modelled gollum] used the same approach. oh well… actually i’m copying HIS topology, so all the credit goes to him! :stuck_out_tongue:

mr_bomb: only gollum please, i’ll model the orc another day :wink:

@ner/shul: most definately [already using them]

Prince: 1) they do! and lattice parenting is of limited usefulness and makes it look to comic like.

  1. of course you can see the seam, i’m modeling only one half! the other one is a linked copy.

4Daniel: the color of his skin depends veeery much on the light conditions he’s in. so in sunlight he might look pale and redish, in moonlight pale and blueish… that’s because of the way skin behaves, it doesnt have a fixed color, it’s very translucent.

orion119net: i took a plane, subsurfed it, shaped the eye, extruded, extruded, extruded, pushed vertices around… extruded… oh… hmm get the point? :wink:

Meltdown: how can you hate that cute little fella! :stuck_out_tongue:
hey that’s exactly the wireframe i’m using. i dont really copy it 1:1, but i’m using the topology [and of course fewer vertices ;)]

thank you very much for the comments, update is coming later today.