Smells like a descent 2 cutscene!

I couldnt find a full version of descent 2 when I wanted to watch the opening animation, but I was inspired to make this.

C*C as usual.
let me know if its too dark.



Tweaked the explosion and added “chunks” of things flying.

really nice, i take it that this is one the the escaping exploding mineshaft scenes :slight_smile: . lol i actually have the descent II cd sitting in my room, it wont play on my WinXp though. I do remember the itnro animation you’re referring to, the ship flying through the asteroid belt and going into the base and the warp that got screwed up…
for crits i would say that the front of the ship could use a tad more light as its a little hard to see, especially in the middle and upper cockpit area. I also seem to remember the descent ship having harder angles but that is by no means a restriction.
also, i cant nail down exactly why, but i think the explosion could be a little more “explosion” looking. Sorry, i can’t really get down what i’m thinking about. Thats not really a big thing though and it could just be me.

I think this would be cool as a short escape anim like they had at the end of some descent levels, that would be sweet :wink:

i’m not sure what game or movie your talking about but i like the image itself, very nice.

don’t have any crits


Pretty colors, it stuff like this that got may interested in 3D graphics.

ummm … I can’t see any animation ;-(

Updated: See original post.

Void: There is no animation.

How about some metal chunks in the explosion…

Small thing.

Otherwise, very nice.

I don’t get it … first post says: “I was inspired to make this” … but then nothing … no picture, no link … what am I missing?

Descent was so awesome. Was probly my first 3d PC game. Along with woflenstien :slight_smile:

Great games. Too bad they decdied not to mke d4…

Nice image, try to set the roughness on some of the materials up so we don’t see so much spec. or turn spec down, and hardness down, maybe up the bump mapping to.

Other wise very nice.

Nice image, and I think the lighting is fine unless the walls are suppose to be relflective then I think it should be brighter, but looks good. And the explosions looks a little odd IMO. I think it would look better with some smoke effects and scrap flying places, but thats just small things.

Originaly I had peices of stuff flying out of the explosion. I’ll put them back and you can let me know what you think.

Void: There is an image. No animation.


Another update. See original post. (its the second one down;))

i can see the edges of some halos at the top part of the explosion, makes it look too fake, other than that good work.


Nice explosion man, lovely work.

Maybe a little diffuse only spot lamp with quad on, in the front of the scene pointing toward the ship would be cool. Just so we see a bit more detail.

Other wise, lovely image.

Very nice explosions, are there any tuts for this kind of stuff? The second explosion is much better, and yes, try to get some lightning in front of the scene.


It occurs to me everytime I post something that its nearly impossible to get lighting that will look good on every monitor that it will be viewed on. On mine, it looks just fine. Then again, I’m not sure If mine has gamma correction or not…


Alright. Update number 2. This is fast become more of a WIP than a Finished Project so if an admin would like to move this thread to the WIP Forum I would not be (terribly) offended :wink:

Nice one, I turned up the brightnes of my monitor :expressionless: and everything turned out well, good lightning.


in like this new version better. the explosion looks more gas like and it breaks the solid white center of the first pic.

nice job! maybe some motion blur now? Not sure how that would look though

Currently their IS motionblur, but for some reason it doesnt show up on the parts that it is supposed to. If you meant motion blur applied to the movement of the ship, I tried that and did not like it.

thanks for crits guys