SMESH question

(Skanime) #1

I doing this tutorial
At the end it talks about SMESH

  1. How do you use that?
  2. Would this affect the performance of a game is it was used on all the objects?

(z3r0 d) #2

(new name, same great effect, see subject line)

They are in the edit buttons on the left side (not the far left, but the second column)

There are two buttons of interest
[SubSurf] (toggle pushbutton)
[subdivisions 3] (number button)

Subdivision surfaces (previously called SMESHes) tries to add more complexity to a mesh in an abstract way to allow smoothness… This has the added benefits of a) making a smoother shilouette (as in the edges of each polygon are not visible) b) reducing the number of vertices the animator must think about and c) reducing file size in comparision to what the rendered version contains.

Difficult to explain. Try making a cube, and turning on Subdivision surfaces. It will kinda look like a sphere (especially with more subdivisions)

Subdivision surfaces do not work in the game engine. The game is run with the mesh prior to subdivision.