SMG gun

This is a gun that took me about 4 hours to model. Its a sub machine gun that I am hoping to use for a game. It is not yet textured.

PLease tell me what you guys think of it, I know there is always room for improvment.


i am still a blender n00b so don’t listen to me at ur own risk!! but i have the followoing points to make:

  1. the barrel of the gun should have been hollow with proper thickness. however i guess it’s okay if u this is a low-poly model for use in game.

  2. the wireframe doesn’t look all that impressive.

It should look good for a game after texturing, but in my opinion the mesh can be a lot cleaner (i.e. minimal triangles, more rectangular faces). I’m not sure about this, but a clean mesh may have less unnessecary faces, therefore improving game performance.

Okay, I have to point out that this is not a very good mesh, and here is why:

You spent tris in the strangest places. You have a perfectly smooth edge to the butt of the gun, but the barrel is barely round.
The main grip is low poly, but the tris could be spread much better between and unncesesarily highpoly place, like where the butt meets the body, and this place.

It looks like you made a few curves to shape the edges. That is fine, but I think that the best reccommendation for you would be to use a much lower curveres (iirc, i haven’t used curves in a while), and that will give you a cleaner mesh where you can and let you free up triangles for the important parts. Remember, the butt of the gun will rarely be seen in the game, but the barrel and sight will be seen all the time.


OK everyone, thank you for your feedback. For the parts outlined in red, I made them with a bezier curve and then later converted them into mesh, and as a result there were way more vertcies then originaly planned, causing the problem. Does anyone know how to fix that? :wink:

Also for the aiming thingy highlited in green, whenever i just set it to smoth (without auto smooth on)it still does not apearmooth in the render, but when i do put outo smooth on, it looks really glitchy. Any solutions to these problems are much appreciated. :smiley:

i have one thing to say:
if u are aiming for lo-poly, then stick to mesh modelling and stay away from curves as far as possible.

use curves only for simple shapes like tubes and curved pipes where u have full control over the resolution of the curve before converting that to mesh.

MP5K PDW. It… uh…

It looks really bad. It’s way too flat. I saw how you started in a different thread, you started with a flat cutout of the shape of the gun. That just doesn’t work. You should model the pieces individually and work them together. What game are you making it for? I don’t think it needs to be so low poly it looks flat everywhere.

Here’s an airsoft replica of the real gun for comparison.

You’ve got a basic idea of what you’re doing, but I suggest starting over. You can definitely do it, you just need to take a different approach.

Thanks a lot for your input everybody :D, its really helped me. I am probably am gonna start over and make it even better then it already was.

P.S can anybody find a pic of the front of the gun, or the gun on an angle, it would be really helpfull.

Here’s a decent view of the front from an angle.

i think that the extra handle in front looks like crap

not like the modeling is crap, gut you should delete that extra handle and just have the person hold the magazine as an extra handle

Alfred Indamine:
Tell that to the gun manufacturers. :stuck_out_tongue:

which game engine are you planning on using?

which game engine are you planning on using?

Ogre 3d maybe, when I learn c++


Alfred Indamine:
Tell that to the gun manufacturers. :P[/quote]

Er, what? I don’t know what that name has to do with anything, or what I should be telling to Heckler & Koch. Airsoft replicas are usually very close in appearance to the real gun, and since I found that airsoft gun quickly I saw no point in continuing the search. Here is the real gun if you really think it necessary, very little difference and the image isn’t even as good as the one of the airsoft gun.


i think that the extra handle in front looks like crap

not like the modeling is crap, gut you should delete that extra handle and just have the person hold the magazine as an extra handle

It’s based on a real gun, which has that handle. The handle is for stability, it makes the gun much easier to control. The magazine is not designed to be used as a handle and isn’t as durable or easy to grip. The people who hold the magazine as a handle on TV don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and it looks stupid.

off-topicness aside, the model is far too high poly for the game engine, there are heaps of places where unnecessary verts could be stipped off.

royt…anyway, the mag needs to be thinner in comparison yo the rest of the gun, u need some more detail on the safety area, and totally throw away the buttstock altogether. it makes mp5s look crappy and they’re much more unique without it. cut the curves and stick to mesh. trust me, im modeling my own.

This is sort of a criticism of a criticism, but not really …

The airsoft replica picture on looks more like a 3D model of a gun, than a photo of a replica. I realize that it may be a photo, but it does a good job of looking like a 3D model :wink: Maybe the real gun looks plastic, too.

To cut down on the polys on the butt of the gun, you could probably get rid of the vertices that run along the nearly straight line, and then reface the remaining ones. The Autosmooth function only renders in the F12 render, and you may have problems with normal direction. I think it’s “select all in edit mode, hit Ctrl-N” to recalc the normals.

I just looked at the h-k website, which does have pictures of their guns. I give you the URL:

Yeah, I know, that URL sucks.

actually, for some pix, try the fansite hkpro and click on “world of hk”

i think it’s a great start, other then the poly issues.

good job.

thats my second favorite gun. the coolest of all though is the P90.:wink:,GGLD:2005-19,GGLD:en%26sa%3DX

I’m a Blender n00b but I do know a lot about guns. You should add a protrusion from the center of teh forward sight ring. In addition, the magazine should be longer and you should add a selector switch. Look around for a picture of it.