smile that never reached the eyes II

ok, here is even more rough, and less details.
coffee+ink+acryllics on paper.


A powerfully expressive image, basse. By far, one of your finest works in this medium.


Beautiful work.


The definition in the hand is really nice, and the face is rather striking.

The red seems a little bright and a little distracting, but otherwise I do really like the piece.

fantastic stuff basse, definatley my favourite :slight_smile:

thank you.

ditto: yep, red is usually striking… thats the idea.


one of your best pics.

a really good piece.

coffee+ink+acryllics on paper.

Next up: blood + apple juice on paper. There’s something I’d like to see…

you don’t even tell us you beastarrrdo! I love it exceedingly! it’s ok!

Long time since I came here, but I can see that your stuff is better year by year… …great pic

Definitely. I would love to see that.

Great basse. Although I’m not really sure what the hell it is. :wink:

That’s something beautiful. I know I shouldn’t go in such detail with this kind of imaginery, but is s/he holding his/her heart on her hand? Loistavaa värienkäyttöä ja mukavan tummasävyistä.

:slight_smile: thank.s.

slikdigit: it’s because you nerds never browse traditional forum.

digitalme/wereaser: it’s a girl, holding her shoulder and side. the red is her clothes. wrapped around. it’s a smile in there, somewhere, but never quite reached her eyes.


I was referencing the fun with orange video where Andy (I think) is saying “And basse, half the stuff he makes I don’t even know what the hell it is”

looks great. :slight_smile:

good composition…the piece has really good flow, you know how it leads your eye from the red clothes/subject down through the coffee stains at the bottom(I suppose those are coffee stains. :stuck_out_tongue: )

is the piece about how some young girls sometimes percieve there appearances as something less than what it really is due to the pressure the media/todays culture puts on them to look “perfect”? I dunno…i guess the title sort of put that idea in my head.