Hey Guys!

Hope you still are doing okey out there!

Played around with the Volvo V60 in a studio setting, and when i finished the scene i thought to myself, man its just a studio render… how can i make this a more interesting image?
And it struck me, i made this way back, with

And i stuck a camera in front of the “camera”, Renderception :wink:

Camera shot

“Final Shot”

And as you can see with i did the color correction after the render was done, i did the final calibration together, but the to ad one more layer to this i corrected the shot of just the care more to a final visualization you would see in a commercial or whatever, like the shot was taken in the camera shot the the photographer would do some post production on it :smiley:
Don’t know if that was a stupid idea or one more level or realism?


This one is directly lit with emission planes, the Ferrari i made i lit indirectly. Cant rly tell the difference except for render time.

i would love any questions or feedback on this :slight_smile:

Have a great day!



Looks goods.

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Nice idea, I wish to see more of such original presentations.

Damn I want to make some more cars project personally, but I need to improve my sculpting skill first :confused:


Great job as usual/

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@Paul_Yeboah Thx!

@IMRB Thank you! Well its just to set it as your next goal! Keep at it until you are happy with the results! Or at least until you have learnt something :wink:

@Bao_Richard Thank you :smiley: