smiley animation

here’s a simple animation i did:

it’s basically just lattice deforming, with animated hooks to control the lattice.

enjoy - the only feedback i’ve gotten is “oh that’s cute”. :stuck_out_tongue: which i guess that’s all it is - that’s the critique u get from girls.:rolleyes:

Hey! That’s cute!

No, seriously, it is. And since it’s presumably intended to be cute, I guess it’s a success.

ha well thanks. hey i just saw ur bouncing ball tutorial, and the “more effort” video - how did u animate the rolling motion after they stop bouncing?

See the IPO below.

This is the RotY curve for one ball (not lattice). It does two complete rotations (0-360) then rotates to about 500 degrees with a slow transitional fall-off. The small flat spots in the first two cycles are where the ball hits the floor and rotation pauses for a split second. The trick is to carefully align the rotation stop-point with the stop-point on the lattice’s Location IPO. (I think there is a script which will do some of this but I like doing stuff the hard way :))

You could achieve the same result with one curve from 0 to 1200 degrees approx but I like to see the individual rotation cycles.