Smiley faces appear on urls

Hello I pasted this url
and where you see between Dev & Doc these characters interpret as a smiley face.

Thanks for the support.

Hm, is a colon even allowed in the middle of a URL like that?

One way to avoid the issue would be to URL-encode the problematic character

Another would be to mark “Disable smilies in text” in the additional options section.

But yeah, that is a problem with many forums; i don’t see why it is so hard to check if the smiley code isn’t part of a bigger word before replacing it…

In the same manner I guess that frown face :confused: and tongue face :stuck_out_tongue: could appear as well, but it’s not happening exactly.

Interesting right?

mno:pqrs :confused: :\

The :stuck_out_tongue: seems to be working (needs to be lower case “p”), but the diagonal mouth smilies seem to be both completely ignored; i don’t think they actually got pictures for :confused: and :\ here.

Ok, that made me think, if you change the case of the problematic character next to the colon it will work:

I wonder if there are any URLs like the following though:

When posting, you can choose “Go Advanced” and there’s a checkbox at the bottom that allows you to disable smilies in your posts. That should format your URLs properly.

It’s not a big thread dude…

Yup… was reading through posts too fast. Ya caught me.