Smili - Sketchbook

Hi all!

I’ve been posting some doodles that come to my mind on my tumblr page but not here, so I’ve decided start this skectchbook.




Here are the concept of three ideas for a poster of a choral festival I did some time ago…

Again cycles, and strong postpro.


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Very elegant.

Woah I saw your tumblr awhile back and was inpressed! Good work here man- keep it coming.

Two more, playing with particles.


Some kind of landscape with a lot of cubes…


Trying to achieve some creepy smile for halloween… liked more the result than the other one…but in fact is the same more or less…

Thanks for watching it!

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And the last for now…

Plain Fest:

Trying to find the beauty of a bunch of chaotic polygons. That’s always funny to me. As always cycles and a lot of postpro.

Feels very paper-ish. I like it, as well as you other work. Great job!

Thanks @fifinel!

And another thing that I’ve made:

The Observers:

(family portrait)

Some kind of characters, focusing on how they look at you. As always, cycles and a lot of postpro with photoshop.

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And here, one by one:


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Still a little bit noisy, and some mesh issues, but I liked the result, hope you too guys!


Another one:

Fade to White

Really nice work ! The mood on those pictures is wonderfull. I’m more scepitcal about the last one, seems a bit messy but the idea is good.

A lot of thanks for your comment Yadoob! Glad you like it and yes, I agree about the last one…

i like all of this very much. you seem to have a good eye for colour.

#12, #13, love these pieces. The renderings make them shine! Great pieces.
#14, the new one’s got a nice presentation!

Really nice idea, and style overall!

This is amazing. What kind of postpro-effects did you use? Do you edit it in blender or do you use something like photoshop?

Hi all,

@blackdot: a lot of thanks! I always try to make colors look as realistic as possible within the unrealistic scenes…

@0rAngE: thanks! Glad you like it!

@Monsaki: many thanks! The postpro was made with photoshop, and mostly are adjusting curves, bright and contrast, color corrections… and lens effects like dof, lens dust and lens correction…but I don’t spend too much time with this… and with blender you cand do it too with the compositor…

Sorry for my bad english people :frowning:

Another doodle:


Hope you like it!

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some kind of landscape…


Hope you like it!

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You have a good start on some procedural cauliflower there!