Smili - Sketchbook

I really like the style and presentation of your stuff. I’d quite like to see a version of Knots where the wires are used for some human form related stuff.

I am amazed by your renders. There is something with them that is hard to explain, but the DOF and focus effects with the colors looks amazing. It would be awesome if you made some kind of tutorial or timelapse making these scenes. As a blender-beginner, i am really curious on how you get the amazing effects

Hi all!

Trying to keep this thread alive…

@Blender Matt: Great idea! May be the next one will be related with some human form… Glad you like it!

@Monsaki: A lot of thanks for your kind of words! Well, really it’s always the same way… I make something that it’s really nothing, and then I try to push it to be something… About the postpro, I tend to find the white and black areas, a lot of contrast and strong desaturated colours… But yes, may be for the next project I’ll do a recording of the process…

Sorry for my bad english!

Another landscape…


Hope you like it!:slight_smile:

I also am impressed with the style here. Nice work.

Can I ask how much memory you chew through with the cube (halloween smile) and ball (yellowscape) models? Are they particles or duplis?

Hi 3pointEdit! Thanks for your comment, glad you like it!

Of course! In both cases are particles… For the ‘halloween smile’ around 50Mb, and for ‘yelloscape’ 240Mb.

Hope that helps!

And the last one with this kind of forms… I think I’ll try to do other stuff…


Hope you like it!

I’ve just found your sketchbook, and I’m loving it! Beautiful work, and across a variety of subjects and styles. Very inspiring!

Ooh I love those meaty organic forms!

Really nice style you got going on here. Superb.

A number of the abstract images are pretty impressive both in terms of technique and details, great job on these.

You really know how to make use of bold lighting and post-processing.

Hi all!

A lot of thanks for your comments @James Candy, @3pointEdit, @iamthwee and @Ace Dragon! Very encouraging!

I’ve made an image showing the steps followed in post-pro of ‘greenvalley’ render, just in case anyone is curious…

Here it is:



time to put some avatar image, here’s what I’ve made a little bit bigger than the avatar itself…

Like always, blender cycles and postpro with PS.



Long time whitout posting…

An interior made with models from ‘’, just for fun.


Blender cycles and PS, as always, hope you like it!

Same as preview post, here’s another one:

Yellow Submarine:

Hope you like it!

really impressive stuff overall, nice work

@Kemmler: a lot of thanks and glad you like it!

Well, the last of this serie:

Back in black:

Same as preview posts: models from ‘’ and textures from ‘’ and ‘’. Cycles and pospro with PS.

For those who are interested, the goal of these three images was attempting to do some kind of ‘one song = one chair + one lamp’. So, I’ve made The Police, The Beatles and AC/DC… Don’t know if someone will have noticed…

Anyway, hope you like it and thanks for watching it!

(sorry for my bad english, google traductor rules)


Supposed keychain with the logo of the company of a firend of mine.

The name of the company is ‘somosmonos’ (we are monkeys).

The ‘chain part’ is from ‘Keys by JnZ’ (blendswap).

Cycles and postpro with PS. Hope you like it!

Quickly and with some errors, but couldn’t resist that…


And some details:


An interior, still far from finished, but don’t want to spend more time on it. It’s a pain for my old creepy and with the same memory than Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’.


Models from ‘’. Cycles and post with PS.


here’s a b&w version:


some mini-details:

Thanks for watching!