Smilies on The Walls.......Composite Shot

Hey Everybody, a short clip to practice on my compositing.

Basic Premise: A couple waves of smilies comped(as if they are a part of) a couple of walls, with a bit of(what do you call it?), like passing behind the bars of the banister etc…
Anyway, you might think its a test, but its finished, and all compositing is kind of a test anyway, right?

Frame Grab:

and the video:

Its about 8 seconds long, I apologize for the small resolution. The camera I used is pretty junky, so bear with me on that point.

Any crits on the cutting are welcome.

Peace everybody.

Oh, yeah, Lots of Nodes work by the way, but pure blender, no AO(no lighting at all, in fact)

And Im willing to answer any questions people have about the technique etc.

I liked The End, that could have done with a bit more time taken for it to register in my mind, i had to watch it twice to appreciate it.
I thought for a moment that the smilies were floating through mid air, and that the lighter smilies on the far wall were shadows going in the opposite direction, i understand that they are traveling across the survace of the wall but having the far smilies look so much like shadow is destracting, it could do with those traveling in a different direction and being the same color as the closer smilies.
The cuts through the banisters are very good, that must have taken quite a bit of time to composite.
I would suggest that to add a bit of character to this that the smilies movement be a little more random, more animal like perhaps?

Anywho, its overall very good, reminds me a bit of those E-Stings on E4.

You could have a look at that, hereis a link, i think you could enter something like this with your level of skill.

Yeah, I was a bit unsure about how much sense it would make visually. Im can understand what you mean about the smilies on the other wall, I originally had them coming from the other side(Im talking about the far wall), but that looked even more like shadows. But having just one wall was pretty boring.

Anyway, thanks for the good crits, and the link.


No other comments?

Sorry for being a little impatient, just trying to get some opinions…
(trying to get my comping skills up to speed)

i like the end sign…

Smilies do not look if they are flat along the wall (which is what I presume you want) Perhaps setting up a light to look like the light on the wall may help give it better perspective???

I think it looks cool. But I don’t quite see the point in this one. It’s very well “noded” though.

please use the Blender Tests forum section for this kind of material.


@fuzzmaster: yeah, I guess thats true…They arent lined up prefectly are they?..oops
@Cuby: Yeah I guess it is sort of a test, isnt it…
@basse: I apologize…guess I placed this wrong.