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… They’ve been the same since when I signed on a few years ago!

Is there anyone who’s been to and seen the millions of submitted smilies that they have available for use think it’d be cool if we were able to add new smilies ourselves? maybe… 3-D smilies? OMG that’d be so cool

This is a problem?

I added santa hat smilies at…wait a min…why dont you make your own forum and you can put what ever you want!!!

Why can’t you just link to one, like this?:

and wow, isn’t that your first thread in ages?

maybe it’s just me being crazy…but I have the impression you went away, and just came back :o

Or my personal favorite:


I think in future should be stripped down, no smilies at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. of course I am joking

I agree, more smilies like these:

I like these ones:

Of course you could just get rid of Elysiun’s smilies and then putting in text representations on Elysiun would link to say an imageshack image. That way, Elysiun’s bandwidth is better off and we get more smilies. If the link breaks, just upload it again and then point the text representation to it.

All animated smilies should be banned. But I’m all for adding new static ones. In fact, I think adding holiday-specific smilies would be kinda neat.

heh maybe a series of blendo smileys?

DedKnight, wow, tha rox!