Smoke and Compositing

A test with moving effectors around while the smoke was simulating and using generic compositing nodes.

Watch the video here: (17mb)
All sounds from

A tip to fullscreen it if you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

video doesn’t work

It’s in mpeg2 format with mp2 audio since that’s the only thing Blender would export to (had to make the sound 64 bit, too.)

Attempting to render as an ogg gives me this, similar to most other formats:

Starting output to /media/Field/3D/epicboom_finished/0001_2586.ogg(ffmpeg)...
  Using type=10, codec=31, audio_codec=86021,
  video_bitrate=6000, audio_bitrate=64,
  gop_size=18, autosplit=0
  render width=800, render height=600
FFMPEG expert option: coder:vlc: 1.
FFMPEG expert option: flags:loop: 1.
FFMPEG expert option: cmp:chroma: 1.
FFMPEG expert option: partitions:parti4x4: 1.
FFMPEG expert option: partitions:partp8x8: 1.
FFMPEG expert option: partitions:partb8x8: 1.
FFMPEG expert option: subq: 5.
FFMPEG expert option: me_range: 16.
FFMPEG expert option: keyint_min: 25.
FFMPEG expert option: sc_threshold: 40.
FFMPEG expert option: i_qfactor: 0.71.
FFMPEG expert option: b_strategy: 1.
[libtheora @ 0x2ba66b0]theora_encode_init failed
alloc video stream (nil)
Closing ffmpeg...

If anyone has any tips…

Video works fine for me, nice job

Wow… Cool. Maybe a short tutorial on the subject? Could you share your .blend please?

Thanks for watching! :eyebrowlift:

There’s nothing really in the .blend; it’s just a box of smoke with some force fields and a simple ground mesh plus it’s a mess and it’s >2.3GB…

Some things though:
I set the emission of the smoke based on it’s velocity.
An animated stucci noise was subtracted from the smoke density to make it look larger.

On the first play-through:
Used ghost and blur nodes.
Image is scaled up 20% and camera shake was done with a sequencer transform node and some f-curve noise and envelope modifiers.

On the last play-through:
Zoom blur was and Prewitt filter were used.
To get the blue and green hues I added an orange color in the sequencer and subtracted it’s color from the composited render based on random noise.

If you have other questions I’d be glad to answer them. :slight_smile:

How did you get the god rays in the last composite?

It’s just a zoom (directional) blur composite node below mixed with the original.

nice style, good work.