smoke animated inflow help

This is my first fire animation and I am having some trouble that I hope someone here knows the answer.

Here is the animation

There are 2 animated objects in the scene.
-the rendered stamp, witch is set as an obstacle
-a ring of poligons, around the base of the stamp that serves as an emitter.

I have set up the particle system to emit 70000 particles trough 70 frames with random distribution through the faces. I can see the particles being emitted correctly, though with a lifetime of 1.

My questions:
-why does the stamp inflow is only emitting fire 3 or 4 times through the animation, instead of trhough all 70 frames?
-why does the last emition stays in the air for a while, as if the stamp was still floating there?

There is also another emitter in the text. But that one goes like I wanted to.

Thanks for any help.

Can I have some help here?
It is curious that I had only one visit here. Pherphaps the title was not good?

Well, the counting on BA threads is sometimes broken.

Your prob seems weird - do you have a blendfile?

Thank you for your answer. I have the blend file here

Also, do you know why is the file so big? There is no texture or anything in it. I tried making it smaller but I could not figure out the reason for the size.