Smoke appearing as grey cube?

Hi, I’ve recently started to experiment with Quick smoke, it appears fine within solid view but when I switch to rendered view the smoke disappears and is just replaced by a grey cube in it’s place. I would link the file but since I’m a new user it’s not letting me. Does anyone have a solution to this and sorry for the lack of details as I really can’t figure out what’s going wrong with this


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What is the render engine?

Thanks for pointing me towards this, here it is:

As for the engine I’m currently using Cycles Render

You need to give a material to the domain.
Just a ‘Principled Volume’ plugged to the Volume socket of the Material Output node should do the trick.

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Sorry to say but it hasn’t worked, updated to 2.8 to get the Principled Volume but it doesn’t seem like it’s changed

It’s working here… in 2.79!

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Thank you Secrop, with this picture I realised my mistake, I didn’t unplug the diffuse BSDF from the surface node, Thanks for all of the help, I wish you well and I hope I stop making dumb mistakes haha