Smoke behind window

i hope you understand my english and can help me.

why is the smoke (halo material) not visible behind the window?
the windows is a ray transparency material.
with z-transparency works it.

Maybe you could try using ztrasp instead of ray transparency.

Ztrasp doesn’t look as good because it doesn’t distort what’s behind it like ray transparency does, although with something like a thin window, the difference will be very small.

And I LOVE your image! Very awesome looking. :slight_smile:


Just saw this thread:
It gives a pretty good explanation of why it happens, as well as different ways to fix it.

Alpha channel effects (halos) are invisible to Ray Tracing. You’ll need to use an image plane with the smopke applied if you wan’t it to be visible to ray tracing.

SVN has billboard particles, use those.

NOTE: I have noted that a reflected or refracted ray will go through a maximum of 10 Z-transparent faces.