Smoke Confined With In Object. No Results?


So is there some kind of restriction to smoke inflow inside a collision object?

Here is my process

  1. create plane
  2. conver plane to smoke from quick smoke
  3. create cube
  4. scale cube bigger then smoke inflow
  5. flip cube normals to inside
  6. make cube collision
  7. bake

When I bake it takes time to process so its doing something. But eithor I will not get any results or it will just blow past the cube and not interact. I have tried bumping up the resolution from 32, 64, 128 and 256 with no results. Also tried solidifying the cube with no differance.

What am I doing wrong?

FYI this cube is me testing I actaully have a bottle I have moddelled that I want to use, but cant seem to get any of this to work.

Please help.

Thanks in advance as well, its much appreciated.

There is a display bug. An effector is hiding smoke.
So, you may have done nothing wrong.
When simulation is baked, hide the cube in viewport, you should see the smoke.

If smoke passes through collider, it may be because thickness of collider is not important enough to be detected.

But if you want smoke in a cube, you don’t a collider at all.
You can just enable Border Collisions of a domain that has shape of a cube.

Yeah noticed that I had to hide the cube tried that.

I also tried adjusting the thickness to 0.1 butr seemed to make no differance.

Yeah if I was just a cube would be easier, I will be putting this into a bottle, but want to get the theory down first.

Thanks though much appreciated.

In fact, I already replied to a similar question, a few weeks ago.

Ahh thats interesting. I will try the info in that thread and report back tomorrow.

Might also try this in 2.90a

Thanks heaps.

Hey @MyVisualStory , I ended up doing some more experimentation after that thread finished. Happy to pass on the last .blend file to you if it’s of any use.

Finally got it, thanks though. Turns out I was not apply my solidify and thats what was causing my problem. Thanks guys much appreciated.

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