Smoke Documentation

Hello. I’ve been playing around recently with the smoke sim (finally) for fun, and I’m sort of starting to get it. However, I’ve noticed something of a disturbing trend: there seems to be a large amount of documentation on the smoke sim. Yes, the wiki has documentation and such, but there’s no real; this is what happens when you change x, this is changing x and y, etc. Not to mention, it seems any old tutorial (though I haven’t really looked through them) are void due to the recent changes. Thoughts?

Not to sound rude or anything but if you are starting to understand the sim AND you are noticing holes in the wiki then you should… fill those holes in the wiki…

Well that’s the thing. I’m sort of starting to get it, but there are some things I still don’t get, and not sure I will. Regardless, I could add a little to the wiki, and I know everyone says this, but I’m definitely not the best person to add to it.

who said you aren’t?

Actually I think you are the best person to add to it. You are adding to the wiki while you are exploring and experimenting and everything is fresh in your mind. And if you make a mistake, then someone later will notice will (hopefully) just fix the error.

Hmmm. Not a bad thought, though what I meant is, looking around, there are definitely others who have a more in depth understanding.

Of course, and that is very natural. The problem is though, that if we all just lament that it is not already done by someone else then it will never actually be done.

But hopefully you will attempt to fill holes and make correction where you can.

And then one day someone else will post here that there is documentation but it seems incomplete, and there are some errors, and that someone (else) should do something about it. And we we will politely tell them that it is a community resource and that they should fix the errors and add to it.

And over time it will improve.