Smoke domain casting a black shadow

Hi. I have a smoke domain in my scene and it’s casting a black shadow on an object. I want the smoke to cast a shadow but not the domain itself.
I know that in previous versions of blender this could be done by checking “Receive Transparent” in the material tab. Since that option is not available in version 2.78, how can I get it done? Where can I find that option in this version of Blender?
Thank you

You… might have to move over to cycles or eevee.

I’m working with cycles. Any ideas how to find that option in my cycles blender?

Oh… I thought you were using Blender Internal by the fact you mentioned “receive transparent” …

I was having this problem with shadow-catchers a while back … Smoke domain and shadow catcher problems

Thank you for your answer, but it didn’t solve my problem. I’m still getting the shadow.
Any idea what might be happening?

Is the bottom of the smoke domain in the exact same place as the bottom of the object on which the shadow is cast?

Can we see some screenshots showing as much info as possible?