Smoke Domain closes Blender, is it a bug?

I’ve been trying to follow a tutorial on simulating smoke, however, whenever I go to the physics panel to enable domain smoke, clicking on “domain” causes blender to just stop. It stops, Windows tells me “the program isn’t working, send information to Microsoft?”, and then it just shuts down. I’ve looked everywhere for info on this, I haven’t found anything that helps.

Video card man.
it cant support the smoke.
I used to have that problem but with a new PC and a good video card I have no more problems.

Now, I should have mentioned that I can get fluid simulations to work. Is that because fluid simulations require less resources? If the fluid simulator works, why not smoke?

Fluid sim doesn’t rely on your graphics card.

Oh… I see. Thanks. It just seems like most of the simulators would be similar in that way.