Smoke effect

hey, i hope i’m in the right forum for this question.

i want to put a smoke effect in, as in, cigarette smoke. i’ve had a crack at acheiving it using this one tutorial i found on the “noob to pro” wiki, only it doesn’t really acheive the thin kinda of plume that cigarette smoke gets. plus the transparency didn’t work. so i kinda just had a big grey morass showing up

so, anyway, is anybody able to help me with this?


The smoke part of this tutorial would help.’s fireworks, but you can just take the smoke part and tweak it to your needs.

I found this makes very effective cigarette smoke and hot steam.

Why doesn’t someone just post a BLEND? These are simple effects that people don’t want to recreate via tutorials.

Like a repository of effects thread or something…?

cheers, guys, i’ll give 'em a shot.