Smoke emitted to large

Hi I’m new to smoke simulation and I am trying to create a smoking cigarette in a ashtray in the scene. I am using a plane as an emitter. The problem is when I scale the plane down to the size of the cigarette end the simulated smoke is as wide as the ash tray and not the cigarette end. The ashtray is 0.3M across. The plane however is only 0.01m. Is there a limit to the size a smoke simulation can be? or is there a way of making the smoke appear to be rising out of the plane rather than the whole ashtray?

Smoke size is relative to smoke flow object but also to domain resolution.

Default resolution corresponds to only 32 divisions.

So, if you want a small size smoke, that would be logical :

  • to make a smoke domain of the size of the ashtray or a little bit wider.
  • to increase amount of resolution divisions
  • to lower smoke flow plane’s Surface Emission in Flow Source subpanel.

Thanks that did the trick. It never occurred to me to change the size of the domain. I’ve always had it set to adaptive domain previously.