Smoke Flow Forcefield

Hi all,

I’m working on a scene with several fire/smoke systems, and am hoping to get that billowing spark effect with some particles being pushed around by one of the smoke explosions.

My question is, can I add the Smoke Flow Forcefield to a domain that is already baked, and have it work on my spark particles, or will the domain need to bake again? I ask because, well, that particular explosion took several days to bake already… :eek: I’m wary of even trying in case my cache goes up in …er… smoke.

Let me know if you happen to know. Otherwise I’ll have to do some testing when my current bake is done.SaveSave

OK in answer to my own question:

My simple test seems to show that Smoke Flow can be added safely to an already baked smoke domain and still work it’s magic on a particle system. Great news for me, I just need to try it out with my mega explosion. I’m imagining a fair bit of time to calculate the forces from this hi-res bake still. Will report back with results eventually.