Smoke/Fog Effect with Node Material

Hello everyone! There is a moment that I have not posted some of my work.
Today I offer several nodal composition (made by the community), mixed in one to get a nice smoke/fog effect.

You can get the Blend file here >>> SmokeEffect <<<

All the node tree are based on the fade alpha:
1- fade the plan when it is on the edge
2- fade the plan when the camera is closer
3- fade the plan just above the ground on the global Z axis

Finally I use the new LampDataNode to correctly brighten the side of the plan and get a better effect.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Looks very nice!

Looks nice :slight_smile: a bit gpu expensive, but looks cool.

Great work lake, nice effect. I work on something similar using raycasting, your node setup inspired me.

Gpu expensive indeed but Very very cool no doubt abt that love it :slight_smile:

Amazing work! Thanks for sharing!