Smoke Help


So I’ve been working on a animation for a friend and I have a smoke simulation that floats up slowly from the ground. The smoke works perfectly but I’d like the it to disappear/dissipate at 30 frames, but instead it just freezes and floats there. Can you help me with this?

Particle System:
Particles: 2,000
Start: 19
End: 19
Particle Life: 1

Under the smoke system: (in the cache section)
Start: 19
End: 30

Thanks so much!
sorry for no pictures


The start and end frame of the cache is for defining how many and which frames are to be baked. So that’s why your smoke is doing nothing from frame 30 and on. I would suggest to use the dissolve fonction in the smoke panel of the domain object. Also you may want to keyframe the density of the smoke, setting found in the smoke panel of the emitter object, to stop emitting at whatever frame you want.