Smoke - How do I make "smooth smoke"?


What I mean is, when I see my Smoke simulator in effect - at first, it “bursts” out smoke and then it gets “thinner”, until it stays even for most of the animation. But, say I wanna use the smoke in the first frame - why would even “Burst out smoke” and then even out without a reason?

Is there, simply, a way to just make the Smoke that gets emitted inside the Domain even - it starts slowly, continue slowly, ends slowly - not with a burst that more look like a cloud and then just fade out. It would look weird.

Anyone know?

I believe that cloud just occurs naturally due to inertia, but you could probably get this effect by simply adding particles in gradually…

I haven’t played around too much with the smoke sim. but you could try giving it a negative initial velocity maybe. The mesh object you use for your emitter could have an effect too… are you using a sphere, a cube? Try a flat plane or circle instead maybe.