smoke.. I can't copy this HELP :(

Ok look here on this page ( ) at the second file available. Liubomir’s thin streamer of cigarrete smoke. I’ve loved this little file for ages and now want to do something similar.

I could use his file as a basis, but really want to do my own.

So I opened the file and to learn how basicly copied every setting into a new file of my own.

But low and behold… It does not work!

I get smoke… I get particles, but they are not thrown around like his.

So my big question, what setting can’t I find that makes particles follow that sort of willynilly path?

Did you remember to put a texture in the 8th channel?

It looks like the original blend used a wood ring texture to affect the way the particles were emitted.

For a tutorial that can explain it much better than I ever could, go to: